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Welcome to Lifelong Financial Planning

Independent Financial Advice and Planning in Northumberland

Welcome to Lifelong Financial Planning; the home of bespoke, unbiased financial advice.

Colin Wilson, Mark Johnson and Derek Carroll (Mortgage & General Insurance) offer financial advice across Northumberland; you can access their financial services in Morpeth, Ashington, Blyth and Cramlington.

I always felt that there was a massive gap in the market for a financial advice firm where clients needs were the priority, to empower them in making the right decisions, to provide them with both knowledge and security, for their financial well being. For clients to be able to work with a firm that will keep financial jargon to a minimum, to provide them with clarity so that they can achieve their goals and fulfil their aspirations. We are actively looking to partner with clients who wish to build a long term trusting arrangement, where their plans are actively monitored and adapted to ensure they are on track

Lifelong Financial Planning offers just what the name suggests; we are here to help you from the first steps of your financial journey to your final destination.