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How we Work

The journey begins……..

At Lifelong Financial Planning we believe that life is a journey, we take this approach to our financial advice as we believe every journey has its first steps, a route along the way and a final destination. To ensure that we offer you the highest level of service we are with you every step of the way. Whether it’s the first time we meet, or you are a long standing client we will endeavour to ensure that you are on track to reach your financial destination. Lifelong Financial Planning does just what the name suggests, we want to provide you with continuous, bespoke, unbiased advice and take care of all your financial matters both now and in the future.

First Steps – preparation is everything!

To ensure that we provide you with the best advice we take our time to get to know you. We like to understand what your financial aspirations are and what’s most important to you. By understanding your circumstances and goals we can put plans in place to help you work towards them. It’s important you know what you can expect from us and your financial arrangements; because we take our time to understand you and your circumstances we can help you prioritise what’s most important to you and highlight any areas that we feel you need to address. Your financial arrangements and provisions are as important to us as they are too you, so we will ask you for all the information we need in order to provide you with the most suitable course of action.

Exploration – finding you the best solution.

Armed with all the information you have provided, we can now begin to research and devise a bespoke solution just for you. As Independent Financial Advisers we have access to the Whole of the Market, this means we don’t have any restrictions when it comes to providers or products, ensuring you get the best possible solution. A key aspect of financial planning is matching the level of risk you are prepared to take with your money to the most appropriate investment vehicle and fund range. With the help of market leading, cutting edge technology we have the ability to match these elements perfectly and in the most tax efficient way.

Navigation – showing you the way

Having designed you a bespoke solution the next step is to explain to you how it meets your needs and will work for you. We believe that understanding the solution is essential and we will present our recommendations to you in a way that’s clear and easy to explain. Once we have agreed the plan we will take the next steps to implement the solutions. When the plans are up and running, we provide you with a full written report that provides the rational.

Destination – are you still on track?

The one certainty in life is that change is inevitable. It can’t be avoided so we embrace it and take a flexible approach. No matter what life throws at you, you can be assured that we will be right there beside you to guide you through the good times and bad. Because things do change and unforeseen circumstances crop up we will ensure we adjust the course if necessary so that your finances remain on track.