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Tax Help

A little help from the tax man!

What would you say if, for every £800 you had, the tax man gave you an extra £200 or, if you’re very lucky, £533**

I’d say thank you very much!

Well the great news is that if you invest into a pension plan that’s just what the taxman will do.

What other UK investment can give you such generous tax breaks?

However, in the current economic climate many experts consider this extremely generous tax break could be under threat in its current form. I therefore believe that now is a the best time to start, or increase, your retirement planning.

The government wants you to make your own pension provisions – the state is under pressure and with more and more people living longer and people having fewer children there is no guarantee our current system will cope with the strain. When you come to retire more people will be claiming state benefit and there will be fewer people working to paying taxes to fund it.

*based on a basic rate tax payer.

**based on a higher rate tax payer