Peter & Sarah: Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Peter and Sarah were long standing clients of mine. Sarah always took care of the finances and Peter was happy with this arrangement.

Over the years Peter and Sarah had accumulated a large sum of wealth. The monies they had were distributed between 30 different policies and providers, totalling approximately £400k.

Sadly Peter passed away and Sarah, understandably, was in a state of devastation.

As the weeks passed, Sarah finally felt ready to begin sorting out the finances and approached us for assistance. We were able to meet Sarah and share a cup of tea together and remember Peter.

We helped Sarah with everything:

  • We drafted letters to all the providers to notify them that Peter was deceased.
  • We obtained valuations on each policy so that they could be submitted for Probate purposes and we explained just how Probate worked and that it entailed.
  • We were able to assist with the Probate process, removing the need for Solicitors and reducing the cost to Sarah considerably.
  • We chased up all the companies whom had failed in their duty of care by simply not responding to Sarah, this would have been highly stressful had Sarah needed to take this on board.
  • We helped with the tax returns and we ensured that none of the companies sent correspondence to Peter in error – something that happens all too often and causes undue distress.

For Sarah the real value of working with us came about in the saddest of circumstances, when she really needed someone she could trust to help her with the finances.