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When you earn money, make money or save money, there is usually one man that’s looking for a share of it – the tax man.  The Individual Savings Account (ISA) offers a tax haven. Because the government want to encourage us all to save more they came up with the ISA as an incentive. Both cash and stocks and shares can be held within ISA’s. There are several types of ISA’s including: Junior ISA, Help To Buy ISA’s and Lifetime ISA’s and we will research and recommend the most suitable for you.

Unit Trusts & OEIC’S

Unit trusts and open ended investment companies (OEIC’s) are forms of shared investments, or funds that allow you to pool your money with thousands of other people and invest in world stock markets. Although subject to capital gains tax, Unit trusts & OEIC’s have proved incredibly popular because your money is invested in a broad spread of shares and your risk is reduced.

Investment Bonds

Life insurance companies provide the bond which aims to provide an income and/or produce capital growth. These can be held either onshore or offshore depending on your circumstances. There are still some advantages to investment bonds over other investment vehicles and they are often used in conjunction with inheritance and succession planning.


Platforms are basically a vehicle which allows you to hold all your investment and pensions under one roof. Think of the Platform as an umbrella under which are held all your investments and retirement plans. The benefit of platforms is that they allow you to choose between thousands of funds from hundreds of different fund managers. There is a cost of the platform which varies from provider to provider. We will research and recommend the most suitable for your needs.